Saturday, May 3, 2014

Planting Day

Saturday May 3
Wow what a night... 7 hours of straight sleep and then 2 hours more.  I haven't experienced that much sleep in a night for several months.  We are finally going to plant the garden today after getting through the "minor disruptions" of the previous week.  The weather is great.

Went to the nursery to get the plants for the garden and bought some fresh spinach there also.  Helped with the gardening, Patty did the planting and M.E. and I did the tomato  and pepper cages along with pole bean support.  All seemed to go in well.

Got kind of tired by the end of the day but at least the garden is in.

Planting for the Future

Each spring we plow the ground to plant some seeds.
We water them with hopes that they will grow.
Some will spout and some will not.
Its ok as we planted a lot.
These little plants we nurture so,
We fertilize, water and provide all their needs
Some will grow, some will not
Its ok as we planted a lot
As summer comes with its warming sun
Our plants grow big.
Some will flower and some will not
Its ok as we planted a lot.
With the cooling of the fall
It is harvest time, to set aside
Some bear fruit, some will not
Its ok as we planted a lot
Now we look at our good harvest there
Thinking back to the spring
What if we left all those seeds on the shelf?
Your ideas, hopes and dreams are like seeds
Plant a lot, nurture them, see them through
Some will bear fruit, some will not
Its ok if you plant a lot.

Just don’t leave them on the shelf
- Bruce

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