Tuesday, May 13, 2014

6th Treatment Day - A Day of Pain

May 13-  Tuesday

This day had an unremarkable start except that now I am no longer having to run to the rest room every 1/2 hour,  a trip every 2-3 hours is much more manageable.   I have fallen into my routine of eating times coordinating to my medication times.  My nearly seem kind of normal.  Have noticed a small amount of pain in lower abdomen but not really significant.

Radiation treatment was a little late today because they got backed up some.  Nicole was there again today as she said she would be.  I find out that radiation therapy is a four year degree program and that she had attended St. Louis University for her degree.  The treatment was no problem.

On way home I started getting lower abdomen pain of more significance.  I had been told I would experience pain there as that was the area of the tumor and radiation would start to break it down.  The pain while driving was bearable though I was glad my drive is only 20 some minutes.  I get myself inside the house and decide I better lay down a little before I feed the dogs.  Then it really hits.   When in the hospital they always ask on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst what level of pain, well this at 11 or 12.  I can remember screaming, "Stop Stop Stop" and more and having the world turn dark during the pain.  It is probably good that the windows were closed and that we don't have real close neighbors as I am sure they would have thought some kind of assault was taking place and have called the police.   After the pain subsided some, I looked and there are the three dogs sitting there staring at me, giving me the "WTF" look,  not sure if they were wondering about the screaming or the fact I hadn't fed them yet.  During one of the lulls in the pain, I was able to get a couple Tylenols (only pain medicine I was "authorized" to take at the time), with hope that it would dull the pain eventually.  I continued to have the cycles of severe pain over the next hour or so, then it finally subsided to a bearable level. The pain continued through the evening though never getting to the extreme pain level but getting to the 7-8 level a few times.  Over night the pain subsided and I was to get a goodnight's sleep.

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  1. I wish you did not have to suffer such pain. I'm impressed by your ability to write about this ~ you have a depth of insight that most folks do not. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. My thoughts, prayers and corny cards will keep coming !