Monday, May 12, 2014

5th Treatment Day

May 12 - Monday

After a sleepless night my body is exhausted and sore to start the day.   Did morning chemo medicine and about an hour later the severe lower abdominal pain hit in conjunction with my lower back pain.   I messaged a close friend to call as I knew would be better if I could talk through it with someone.  A few minutes later she calls, I know I caused her great concern.   We talk through it, getting my breathing under control and the pain subsides.  She was truly my angel today.

About 8:30 am, I get a call from Dr. Donegan's nurse to discuss my constant bathroom urgency issues which was still on going.  She wants me to get to the lab and get blood drawn and then get to their office as soon as possible.   I get dressed and head to St. Luke's to get my blood drawn (for insurance reasons, it is best if I get my lab work done at St. Luke's).  The blood draw is quick and I head over to the cancer center at Mercy.    I had a relatively short wait to see the doctor since I did not have an appointment.  Get back to the exam room and sit for only a short period of time and it hits me again... panic where is the restroom.  Head out the door and the doctor is just coming in.  He sees the panic in my eyes as I say "Where's the restroom".  I head that direction quickly, making it just in time.    I return to the exam room and he say basically we need to get that under control.   He asked whether is cheaper for me to by medicine over the counter or by prescription, I gave him my copay amount.  He said he would write a script for a fairly large amount of imodium and if insurance would pay for it that amount would exceed the copay amount.  If not then to get it over the counter.  I was to take up to 8 capsules a day to get things under control, he said if that didn't do it there were other medications.  He also did his normal thorough exam.  Then reviewed my lab reports and surprisingly even with all the issues over the last 24 hours, all the indicators in my blood were in the good range including hydration and potassium which I expected to be low.

Got prescription filled and insurance covered it with my low copay.  While still in the parking garage took a couple as I was directed.  Once home things had slowed down some but was directed to take another each time there was a problem up to eight in day, thus too another.  My mid-day I was in much better disposition.

Went in for my afternoon radiation treatment.  A young woman comes to get me, she introduces herself as Nicole, and says she will be my radiation therapist for the next two weeks.   I teased a bit with her as we walked back to the treatment room that all the others said they would be there for several days and that I scared them all off and I never see them again.  She says she won't get scared off.  Her personality and "niceness" is immediately endearing.   The treatment goes very well.

After getting home, I feel so much better than just 24 hours before.  Tired from being up for so many hours but feeling good.  A good night's sleep will feel good.

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