Tuesday, May 6, 2014

First Treatment Day

May 6 - Tuesday

Today is a big day my chemo and radiation treatments finally begin.  My chemotherapy is a four pills twice a day.  These are preceded by an anti-nausea medicine.   I take them this morning  after eating breakfast with no ill effects, so that is good.

Relax the rest of the day until I do my daily drive to the cancer center for my radiation treatment.  I check in and change my clothes as I was directed.   I sat down and an older gentleman, asked if it was my first day.  I said yes and he said it is no sweat, he was on day 17 of 41 and I said I had 28 to do. (He is being treated for the prostate cancer I later learned).  His appointment is the right in front of mine.  My time comes for me to go back to the treatment room.  I get on the table on my stomach they shift me around aligning the lasers on the three tattoos previously placed.  The table slides in for an initial scan and then it slides in for the radiation treatment.  It stops at various points along the way for the radiation to treat different  places or angles (I am not sure).   The machine is louder than I expected and the best I can describe it is a humming type of white noise.  The whole scan and treatment take about 10 minutes and then I am on my way.

The evening chemo is the same as the morning, take anti-nausea medicine, eat dinner, wait a short while and then take 4 chemo pills.

Feeling good after this first day.

First Steps
When a child takes their first steps
Parents beam with pride
When a child takes their first steps on that school bus
Moms are proudly wave but have tears they hide
As the child grows and takes those first steps across graduation stage
Family and friends cheer and celebrate as the grown child takes each stride
Now I take a new first step in my battle forward
There is no beaming, no friendly waving or cheers of pride
But as the first step of many in this hard fought battle

There is strength and power I feel to the core deep inside.

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