Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cardiac Cath and I Finally Go Home

May 1

After a fitful night, another day with no breakfast because my scheduled cardiac cath.  Patty came in for a morning visit before she started work for the day. My daughter M.E. is spending the day with me.  Though I will be out for much of it, it is really great to have her here.  I have a young student nurse come in to check my vitals and she was very pleasant.  I then waited around to go down for my cardiac cath.  The transports came and I was transferred to a gurney.  As I was wheeled of my room the young student nurse asked if I was ok with her observing my procedure.  I welcomed her to come along.  Down to the cath lab and to a prep room we went. Two nurses plus the student did the prep on me.  The nurses left and the student and I stayed and waited.  We talked and talk about so many things.  She was so compassionate and caring.  We waited and then she had to leave as her day was done.  Unfortunately she did not get to observe the procedure but I think she did learn a lot that day. A nurse comes in and starts to wheel me to the cath lab.  As we are passing the front desk, we are told that the doctor is delay again for another half hour.  We decide to go ahead and wait in cath lab instead going back to prep room.  They have me stay on my gurney, the operating table is not very comfortable.  I chatted with the operating room nurses until it was finally it was time for them to do the final preparations.   I was awake during the procedure though I could not really see or feel anything. Now I have new restrictions, don't move your right leg for five hours.  Are you kidding me, not move a leg for 5 hours.  This sounds like some real fun. But the alternative is not very attractive, springing a leak in your femoral artery is not really desirable.   But at least I can eat.  Laying around waiting that legs really gets stiff.  Finally the times up and I can sit up and move around. Its now about 5:00 pm.  Just have to wait for Dr. T, the cardiologist to come by and give me the results and then I can leave.  6:00 pm then 6:30 and still no Dr. T.  The nurse calls him to remind him to stop by and he will be there at 7:00 pm.  Well comes and goes but finally about 7:15 Dr. T visits and reviews my result.  Very good indeed with my family history.  Highest blockage was 40% and they don't do stints until 70-75%.  Feeling better now.  I can go home.

At home in my own bed feels so nice. I hope I can sleep a good night.

Are angels only those heavenly bodies.
With blond hair, halos aglow, with wings of white silver  that that fly up above us?
Are there others we know?
That are there where ever we go.
That walk with us side by side
Who show their love, their compassion, their kindness with pride.
An old man with an old ragged hat who gave directions to go.
The young student nurse who sat with you when  you were troubled so.
Can they be angels?  You bet.
When they show their love, their compassion and their kindness, even though you just met.
That close friend you feel beside you each step of the day
Your son, your daughter, and your significant other, always there helping all along your way.
Can they be angels? Yes!!
When they show their love, their compassion and their kindness, for a life that’s a mess.
You can be an angel too.
Show your love, your compassion,  and your kindness, just be you.

Be an angel among us,  just be true.
- Bruce

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