Wednesday, May 14, 2014

7th Treatment Day

May 14 - Wednesday

I had a surprising good night of sleep.  The combination of Tylenol and my sleep aid seemed to do the trick and I slept through the night pain free.   I started out the day with a call with Colleen, Dr. Donegan nurse about the pain.  I let her know the pain had subsided but needed something to deal with it.  She said that she would discuss with him and that it probably would not be a narcotic as they can cause constipation something I need to avoid.   A short time later she called back saying he had prescribed  Tramadol, I asked her to just call it into the pharmacy at the cancer center and I would get it when I went in for my treatment later in the day.

My radiation treatment went just fine.  One quarter of my way through treatments now.  I did ask Nicole about what was really going on during the treatment as I knew there was an initial scan and then a longer treatment "scan".   The initial scan is a normal CT scan. After they align the lasers on my tattoos, the CT scan is used to verify I am in the correct position.  The results of the scan are overlain  with a scan which was done during my planning session when they had markers on my body.  They check key bone alignments between the scans thus knowing I am positioned correctly.  The second longer part of the treatment is when the radiation is actually targeted on my body. (which is not felt at all when happening)

Another thing that happened today was my bleeding has finally stopped which was expected with the radiation treatment.  Not bleeding as I have for months should help me maintain my stamina better.

Overall a good day.

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