Friday, April 18, 2014

The battle begins - A not so good Good Friday

Evening of April 18, 2014 not feeling well.  Haven't felt well for more than a month.  Stress level high.  Light headed, dizzy and have lost a lot of blood.  Time to go to ER can't go on like this not knowing.

Arrive at ER.  Triage quick.  Mention dizziness and rectal bleeding and within seconds a nurse is behind me with a wheelchair telling me to sit.  Vital signs taken, blood pressure high.  Weight taken, 194 pounds, down 25 pounds, no wonder my pants are getting a bit baggy.

Into treatment room.  Nurse and techs come in.  Hooked up to all the machines.  IV in, first stick not good, need to do another, draw some blood.  Lots of question.  Nurse practitioner in, lots more question many the same as earlier questions, no problem at least the know the answers to those. Doctor in quick, more questions again many repeats.  Rectal exam, oh no fun, no fun at all, pain, room turned black for a second, I don't think they are supposed to be that way. :-)

CT scan ordered. Oh how I love technology.  Pictures of everything inside from lots of angles.  Reading listing many organs, all unremarkable (that is good).  Listing for colon, not so good, thickening at upper rectum or sigmoid colon area.  ER doctor comes in explains the results.  Can't really tell if bad or really bad, need to have colonoscopy, scheduled for Monday morning.  Sent home with instructions for colonoscopy prep and lots of worries.

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