Sunday, April 27, 2014

Construction and Rainy Days

Saturday and Sunday April 26 and 27.  

On Saturday, Patty and I, went to Home Depot to get the material build a raised garden bed.  Once home we built the 4' by 10' bed that is 11" high.  It was placed over our earlier garden bed.  Had to dig post holes in the corners about a foot deep to anchor the box in place, it has been a while since I had used the post hole digger.  Got a bit tired with that.   After some rest we added soil to the box.  First we added a good layer of compose from our compost bin, there sure were a lot of egg shells there.  The added garden soil, bring the soil up about 2/3's of the way in the box.  Probably should have added more soil.  Plan is to plant the garden on Sunday. End of the day I am tired but feeling like at least something was accomplished on this hectic week.

On Sunday it rained most of the day, so no planting today.  Ended up being a day of rest.

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