Monday, April 21, 2014

Confirmation Day

Monday April 21, 2014.  Morning appointment with the gastroenterologist for colonoscopy.  Nervous but hopeful.  Prepped by nurses and then meet the gastroenterologist who explains everything.  Off to sleep I go under anesthesia.  Wake up in recovery room.  Was told later I said some funny things while coming out of anesthesia about being able to drive home right then.  Don't trust someone drunk when they say they can drive, if I can say it then when I am not yet able to raise my head, someone drunk can say it when they are not capable also.

Wait with my wife a very short time for the doctor to come in to explain the findings.  Doctor confirms the worst of the expected possibilities, rectal cancer.  Numb, not wanting to believe it so but knowing it is.  Doctor explain that there is treatment and that I would need surgery.  He referred me to a Dr. Brabbee, a colorectal surgeon,  at Mercy Hospital, a very large hospital in St. Louis. He said he would be discussing me with him shortly and when I got home to call and get an appointment and that if I was not able to get in this week to call him back.  Went home with a new set of worries and concern.  Appointment made with the surgeon for Thursday.

Back to work I went, it is a payroll day, my busiest day of the week.

Later in the day informed key individuals at work and one sister of my diagnosis.  We have decided not to inform children yet, as youngest daughter has final exams this week for spring semester, do not want her to have any new distractions as she pursues her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, Friday will be soon enough.

This evening chatted with a close friend, spent time comforting each other as her day had been hard too.  Some tears were shed by both of us I am sure.  She said she would be there for me through this. That was very comforting.  We broke the tension by chatting about my kid's Facebook pages because she wanted to see photos of my kids.

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