Friday, April 25, 2014

Meet The Oncologists Day

Today I had appointments at the David C. Pratt Cancer Center at Mercy with both of my oncologists, Dr. Donegan, medical and Dr. Stroud, radiation.  Met with each of their nurses also,  both nurses seemed to be very personable.

Dr. Donegan seems to be a very nice and personable physician.  Very caring,  told me we would be in a long term relationship, 20 years until he retires, then he corrected himself, might now be 30 years with Obamacare.  He explained everything very well, what I would go through, side effects that I may have, etc.  He said that anytime during treatment if I felt run down or needed something to stop by and he would get iv setup for me or whatever needed to help me along.  Found out his wife is also a physical therapist, a definite plus on his side :-).   I left the office with prescriptions for my chemotherapy medicine, anti-nausea medicine and a good feeling about this doctor who will be helping me through this battle

Dr. Stroud, seemed to be a very technology oriented physician which is exactly what you want of someone zapping your body with radiation.  He explained the process very well.  I was setup with a planning session for the following week when a mold of my body and the lasers would be set to properly align my body when it passes through a machine much like the appearance of a CT scan machine.  He also covered the expected side effects of radiation treatment and remedies and care for them.

After leaving the cancer center I felt confidence in the medical team assembled to help me battle this cancer.  They all seemed very professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and interested in helping me in the fight.

Only one small hiccup for the day,  when trying to get my anti-nausea medicine prescription of 60 pills filled the pharmacist said that insurance would only pay for 15 pills a month. I explain I would be undergoing chemotherapy and needed to take twice a day, thus 15 would only be good for a week.  Pharmacist said they would work with doctor and insurance to get problem fixed.

Feeling good.

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