Saturday, June 14, 2014

First Day No Treatments of Any Type

Saturday, July 14

Peter and Amber flew out to Denver today to start their new life there.  We go to downtown St. Charles to walk around the historic district and visit a few shops before they go.  We got down there a little before the shops were open but enjoyed walking around the historic district.  I am not sure Peter had ever actually visited the historic district in all his time living here. It was good walking around with Peter, Amber, and M.E.  We then brought Peter and Amber to the airport.  Sad to see them go but they are off to new adventures in Denver area.

Went to dinner at my daughter Sara's house.  It was a very good dinner.  Enjoy visiting there because of one of her cats is very sociable.   Poor little Sophie I think is a dog condemned to spend its life in a cat's body.  It plays like a dog, likes attention like a dog but is in a furry cat body.  Now her other cat Lewis, he is a cat, hardly ever see him as being sociable is not in his cat nature.

After returning home had a good evening hanging out with M.E. and Kate.

This has been a good day.

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