Friday, June 6, 2014

23rd Treatment Day

Friday June 6

What a great day.  Surprising what 24 hours can do.  No tiredness all day.  Very short period of discomfort this evening but not very intense or long in duration.  Was able to eat near normal with no issues.

Peter, my oldest son, arrived home after another tour in Afghanistan.  His route home was a bit confusing with vacation stops in Thailand, Vietnam, back to Thailand, then North Carolina.  Then he had a short work assignment on the Kenai  Peninsula in Alaska then finally back to Missouri. What a great adventurous life he leads.

Arrived for my treatment quite early and was surprised a couple minutes later when they asked me to come on back for my treatment.   I was done and on my way home long before my normal scheduled time to even start my treatment.

Often times in churches now
You turn all around
Holding hands and you do vow
“God Loves You and So I”
Sometimes it feels so cold and contrived
You sometimes begin wonder
Then upon this day an older man stands in front of you.
His greying hair and beard all asunder
He looks to you with his deep blue eyes
He reaches out to touch your hand
You feel a quiver run through
As you look into his tearing eyes
You know they can hide no lies
And you hear it is as thunder
As he softly whispers
“God Loves You and So Do I”
You are shaken to your inner core
As you repeat as not to blunder
“God Loves You and So I”
As you turn to walk away
You hear him say
“Seize the day
Do not wonder”

- Bruce

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