Friday, June 13, 2014

28th Treatment Day - The last treatment day

Friday June 13

Morning spent hanging around the house with Peter, Amber, M.E. and Kate.  It was a good morning.  They all went out for all you can eat sushi for lunch.  All you can eat is pretty much a waste for me now, all I can eat is not much.

Before heading to my treatment today I felt a slight amount of stomach discomfort so took a couple Imodiums and a pain pill to try to stay ahead of any issue.  M.E. and Kate went with me to my treatment and M.E. drove.   About half way to the cancer center my stomach started to become more active and I could tell gastric distress was on the way.  Had M.E. to drop me off at door and I rush in to the restroom in time.  I get changed in to my double gowns and then the pain hits again.  I can see the concern rise on M.E.'s and Kate's faces, I head back in restroom and think I have it under control.  Head back to waiting room and sit next to M.E. and then it hits hard again, doubling me over.  I tell M.E. to find a nurse.  Both a nurse and doctor come to check me out.  They did not find anything in particular to be concerned about.  Finally the pain broke and I started feeling better.  The doctor checked on me again and all seemed to be fine.   Just has fast as the pain had come it had disappeared.  I felt bad for the girls as I know it scared both of them.  The pain disappeared just in time for me to go back for my treatment.   The treatment went fine without incident.  Finally 28 radiation treatments are done.

Another enjoyable dinner with everyone, life is good.   Peter and Amber give me my father's day gift early as they are leaving tomorrow morning.  They also found a very funny card they gave to Kate.

This has been a good day despite the severe pain... just something to get past to get to rest of a good day.

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