Wednesday, June 11, 2014

26th Treatment Day

Wednesday June 11

Today my radiation treatment will change for the last three days.   Dr. Stroud had explained it yesterday during my appointment.  M.E. drove me to my treatment today, it is always nice to have someone else drive. I arrive for my treatment and I was happy to see Nicole was my therapist, I have great confidence in her.   She explained everything again, saying that after the initial scan they will get everything setup for the new protocol  and then the doctor has to approve it.   I go through the initial scan and wait and wait (note the position I am in is not very comfortable at all and the wait was probably only a few minutes that felt like an eternity).  Nicole say "Bruce, don't move, we are all setup and we are just waiting for the doctor to approve, it should be just a few more minutes."  A few minutes later I hear her say "Here we go" and I slide back into the machine.  The treatment overall went well.

For dinner, Sara my oldest daughter came over, so all my children except Patrick (who is in California), plus my two potential future daughters-in-law were all present.  It was so nice to have them all sitting around the dinner table.  Amber introduced Kate to the fine delicacies of Kalamata and humus.  They both seemed to enjoy both very much.

Overall it was a very good day.

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