Monday, June 9, 2014

24th Treatment Day - Last Day of Chemo

Monday June 9

Today is my last day of taking chemo for this round.  Means I  will be able to sleep in as I won't have to  be taking pills a 6:30 am so I can take my evening pills at 6:30 pm.  Also means breakfast and dinner won't need to be at such regimented times.   I have been fortunate I have not been effected with any of the "normal" side effects of chemo and have not had any of the specific to this particular medicine such as hardening and cracking on skin on hands and feet which effects more half the people on this medication.

The radiation treatment went well this afternoon with no problems.

Today my son, Peter, arrived with his fiancee, Amber.   What a wonderful young woman.  She brings out the best in him.  She wants to visit some old cemeteries, we have that planned for tomorrow morning.  Peter just rolled his eyes at that.

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